Everything is different

“Everything is different in terms of feeling, everything is different in terms of mood. No children buzzing around you and asking 100 questions ”Thoughts of a pedagogical employee from the home office

Daycare centers and schools in SH have been closed since Monday, 16.03.20020. Also in other federal states. This measure is intended to drastically contain the spread of the corona virus. Parents who work in important areas of the infrastructure are entitled to emergency care. The majority of our daycare team works from home. Current official daily news on the subject of “Corona Virus” at www.kiel.de

Dear children, dear parents!

Everything is different, that’s how it is for you and you are certainly also these days, right !? Children, how have you been this week? What have you done? And dear parents, how are things going at home with the children, work and everything that goes with it?

We think of everyone from the daycare community and send you and you a lot of good and healthy greetings on this page.

We think of all people who are currently committed to the well-being and health of our society through their job or privately or on a voluntary basis, perhaps even taking a risk for themselves as a result. We think of the many small and large companies with their employees and self-employed, whose economic situation is more and more stressed every day in the time of the emerging crisis, if not their existence could even endanger it. State aid programs have already been launched.

This time is a tough challenge for our society and for each individual.

“At first it was so far away…” pedagogical employee in the home office

We are available for you and you at any time, primarily by email and, by arrangement, also by phone. In the next week we will be in touch with the children who are at home. We are also developing a method for this. It is very important to us to keep in touch with all the children in the day care center over the next few weeks. Emergency care is possible on weekdays up to and including April 19th, 2020. The prerequisites that must be met have been formulated and updated by the public. Parents letter_2

Your day care center Luv & Lee,

Kiel March 21, 2020