Back to daycare after vacation. What is to be considered?

Our Minister of Health Dr. Heiner Garg has a request to all daycare centers in SH. He writes: “My big request to you is: Stay vigilant and in constant communication with the children and families. In discussions with legal guardians, point out that, in order to protect your own employees and the children being looked after, you must ensure that, due to the current situation, they are still very sensitive to the symptoms of illness in children, parents and employees. You can also point out existing entry regulations if you find out that a family might want to travel to a risk area or have already re-entered from there. You and affected families can find the currently valid regulations for travelers in connection with COVID-19 on the Corona pages of my ministry (…) “.

If you come into contact with the topic from above, it would be necessary for you to contact us by phone or email after your vacation and before returning to the day care center. Then we can vote in peace.

Thank you for your active cooperation. Stay healthy, your day care center Luv & Lee