As employees of our day-care center we are trained, experienced and trained for our respective activities. The professionalism of our team is very important to us. It is a prerequisite for the sustainable development of the children’s social, cognitive, emotional and motor skills as well as for the reliable and continuous care and support of the children.

Our concept is lived practice for us. We know the content of our concept and use it as a guide in our daily work. Through team meetings, conceptual design days, training and further education, we work together closely ensuring and further developing the quality of our work.

As a “Reggio” educators we work in our Kita with dedication and ingenuity. Documentation and project work are the most crucial ways of working for us. For each child in the day care center, a portfolio is created and brought together with the child. On a daily basis we make journals about the course of the day or special events. We inform in weekly views about planned hands-on activities. In photo series and exhibitions, we report on the work results of individuals and groups.

So we “witness” the child development processes and thus make the work of the Kita for children, parents and educators visible. In project work, we, like the children, set out on a journey of discovery, become researchers, and remain open to the results and insights that the children make for themselves. We are committed to a steady exchange with parents about the children’s current issues. And we integrate our neighborhood with all its possibilities for us.