We celebrated the Chinese New Year

Throughout the year, we organize festivities and customs in the day-care center. Yesterday, on the 5th of February 2019, we celebrated the Chinese New Year for our children. The morning circles of all groups had the Chinese New Year on the subject and offered various actions:

  • In our Kita library we have a lecture case with several notebooks, in which the traditions and customs of different cultures and religions are illustrated. The kids loved to listen and look at the colored pictures,
  • children made a lucky dragon out of Duplo bricks,
  • a child made a dragon with beads,
  • two lucky dragons were made from papaers with scissors and pencils,
  • the children in the age of 1-3 years have got to know chopsticks,
  • For lunch we ate homemade Chinese dumplings Jiaozi, Dumplings.