Happy Hello 🌷

A happy hello, dear children and parents, 🌷
the sun ☀️ is shining, spring is here, Easter is just around the corner. 🐰 The Easter braid comes fresh from the oven, the birds are chirping 🐣🐥, spring flowers show us their most beautiful colors 💐 and the family will sit together over the next few days over Easter breakfast. 🥐🥞🧇 Even if in a smaller group this year !? Yes, that’s the way it is … What will definitely be the same are the excited children who are looking forward to going on an Easter egg hunt. 💝 Despite the restrictions / changes, we wish you a happy and carefree time with lots of sun, new ideas and a warm closeness. 🌈 Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

Greetings from your daycare center Luv & Lee