Preschool work for home

Dear preschoolers,

So that the preschool work doesn’t come to a standstill, we have considered sending you a few assignments via our website.

We’re starting a game today. And we can promise you, nobody else has this game !!! Because it was developed for you. Many greetings at this point from my colleague from the windward area: Your name starts with the same letter as “house” :-))

Game setup:

The playing field / playing mat should be printed out by you or your parents. Do you play with yourself or with your parents? Depending on the situation, you need a cube and a game piece for yourself or for each one of you (male / female) a stone and a common die.

How to play

The youngest (m / f / d) opens the game. The die falls. Depending on how many “eyes” are rolled, you take steps forward 1,2,3,4,5,6…. If you get on one paw, nothing happens. The paws are so-called transition fields. The other symbols are really exciting. Puzzles or tasks await you here.

If you have solved a puzzle or a task, you continue playing or, if you are playing with several other players in a round, you hand over the die. It continues clockwise. The meaning of each individual field is as follows:

Meaning of the fields

  • You come to the first triangle: Name two things that are green.
  • You enter the first cloud: write your name on a piece of paper.
  • You land on the first circle: How many days of the week are there?
  • You roll the second square: go back to the start and start over.
  • You stand on the first flower: Which flowers do you like most?
  • You roll the second circle: Do you already know what you want to become later?
  • You come to the first heart: Compliment a fellow player (say something nice).
  • You hit the second cloud: do a jumping jack 10 times. (If you don’t know this yet, have someone from your family fool you)
  • You make it to the second triangle: count backwards from 5.
  • You roll the second flower: What do you look forward to when you come to school?
  • You make it to the second heart: What is your favorite food?
  • You jump onto the third square: What has no arms and no legs and is haunted by the daycare?
  • The throw on the third circle succeeds: Name one of your hobbies.
  • You jump on the third triangle: What are your friends’ names (m / f / d)?
  • You come to the third flower: List 6 animals that come to mind.
  • You reach the third heart: how many syllables can you clap on the word saber-toothed tiger?
  • You swing on the third cloud: Sing a song of your choice.
  • You get hold of the letter: Juchhe, arrived at the destination!

How did you and your friends like the game? We would be very happy if you write us an email (with the help of your parents ;-))).

See you soon, your daycare center Luv & Lee