Letter from Lee 2

Dear Lee 2 children, Dear Lee 2 parents!

How are you at home?

You have spent a lot of time with your family over the past two weeks. Certainly experienced many beautiful things together and played together. Were there a few exhausting moments that you then mastered together !?

Do you miss the daycare already? At the moment we are not even in daycare, but at home. That’s just okay.

We miss the time together with you! Shopping and going out together. Driving vehicles and playing duplo. Painting and looking at books. And making nonsense and romping around.

We hope that despite all the changes you will continue to have a good time with mom and dad and do a lot of nice things. It can be really boring at home. But then you will definitely come up with great ideas for drawing, painting and handicrafts, playing and reading. Or!?

Have you noticed that spring is coming? It is a pity that you cannot go to the playground, but there is certainly nothing wrong with a short walk in the sun. Birds, flowers and sometimes squirrels can be seen. The flora and fauna are slowly awakening from their hibernation. Have a look what you can discover.

Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon, safe and sound.

Greetings from Team Lee 2