Mail from Luv

Good morning, good lunchtime or good evening, whenever you, dear Luvling, are reading this: you can be sure that we are thinking of you!
We would love to know how you are, whether you are having a good time with mom and dad at home. We guess you’ve found some great games that you play. Whether alone, with your siblings or with your parents.

We can tell you that at the moment we play something every day, including a card game, which is called the “game of my life”. It’s a lot of fun. Do you also have a favorite board or card game?

Dear, dear Luvlinge, we will be very happy to see you again and send you a lot of love, of course to your parents too.

Stay safe, dear ones. Oh yes, there is one more thing to tell: when we were in the daycare for the last day, we remembered: what is the daycare ghost doing now so alone?

Do you have any ideas what ghosts do when they are alone? What does the daycare ghost actually eat now when it can no longer secretly nibble from the daycare stove?

We took a look into the pantry downstairs next to the Remida, there is still plenty to eat and drink, which I am sure you can steal something from!

So, dear children, in this sense we can all be happy when we are all well looked after, including the daycare ghost. See you very soon, hopefully … 🌈☀️❤

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