Update of the protection concept for daycare and day care in SH within the Corona Pandemic from February 3rd, 2022

Dear Parents! We are currently informing you from the letter dated Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 from the State Youth Welfare Office in SH to all day care centers and day care centers in SH. Citation:

“Due to the currently increased incidence of infection in day care centers and day care, the state government has updated the protection concept for day care centers and day care. For this purpose, an updated state ordinance and a newly drafted separation decree will come into force on Thursday, February 3rd. In particular, it is about a test obligation for employees and parents, an adjustment of the national quarantine regulation and the still valid urgent recommendation for cohort formation.”

We were asked to pass on the important new information to our parents and to implement the measures together. The day care center distributes everything important and necessary on our homepage for download, via the email list of the parents’ representatives and directly on site in the day care center.

If necessary, we will help you at any time. You can reach us in the usual way personally, by e-mail or by telephone.

Keep staying healthy.
Many greetings
Yours and your day care center Luv & Lee