Mail from housekeeping

Dear children of Luv and Lee,

It’s been two weeks now that we haven’t seen each other. I hope you and your parents and siblings are all healthy in these exciting times.

It is now spring and we will soon be celebrating Easter. Do you use the time at home with mom or dad and paint Easter eggs, do handicrafts or do you bake cakes and bread? Certainly each of you does beautiful things at home.

I often ask myself what it is like for you to just be at home, not having a daycare center and also not meeting the other children from daycare. You are sure to miss everyday life in daycare. It’s a strange feeling. For me it is also a strange feeling and I also miss the daycare. My children are just like you at home. You got a lot of homework from school.

I now have the opportunity to bake and cook a lot at home. And I walk my dog ​​a lot. But despite everything, I now work from home for the daycare. For example, I write menus for you, plan activities, what we could cook and bake together.

Hopefully we’ll see each other again soon, safe and sound.

I wish you a happy Easter!